Second Announcement

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The 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will be held in Beijing.  This makes Beijing the first city in the world to host both Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Some new sports buildings, like National Speed Skating Oval, will be built employing spatial structures with innovation. Besides, sports facilities built for 2008 Summer Games, like National Stadium (Birds Nest) and National Aquatic Center (Water Cube) will be refurbished and capitalized on the legacy from 2008. Either old or new, all the construction will integrate long-term benefits of sustainability.


The annual symposium of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures(IASS 2022)will be affiliated with 13th Asian-Pacific Conference on Shell and Spatial Structures (APCS 2022). Special sessions pertinent to issues in Asian-Pacific area will be organized.



The theme of the symposium is: Innovation, Sustainability and Legacy.

The theme of the symposium covers all aspects of shell and spatial structures and will include but not limited to the following topics:

  1.Cooling and Solar Updraft Towers

  2.Masts and Towers

  3.Concrete Shell Roofs

  4.Tension and Membrane Structures

  5.Metal Spatial Structures

  6.Timber and Bio-based Spatial Structures

  7.Computational Methods

  8.Structural Morphology

  9.Historical Spatial Structures

  10.Life-Cycle Design and Assessment of Shell and Spatial Structures

  11.Teaching of Shell and Spatial Structures

  12.Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

  13.Innovation in New Concepts and Projects

  14.Sustainability in Refurbished Facilities

  15.Legacy of Antiquity Structures and Modern Exploitation

  16.Disaster Mitigation, Wind and Earthquake Effects



As requested by President Lázaro, all IASS Working Groups are preparing to organize sessions in the Symposium. Individuals and groups are welcome to propose new sessionsand send the titles to the organizing committee.



The symposium will be held on 19 - 23 September 2022 at Beijing Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China.



John Abel(USA) Hiroshi Ohmori(Japan)
Gorun Arun(Turkey) Sergio Pellegrino(USA)
William Baker(USA) Ekkehard Ramm(Germany)
Michael Valentin Balz(Germany) Masao Saitoh(Japan)
John Chilton(UK) Shizhao Shen(China)
Shilin Dong(China) Brian Smith(UK)
José Manuel Gálligo Estévez(Spain) Narendra Srivastava(Canada)
Manfred Grohmann(Germany) R. Sundaram(India)
Shiro Kato(Japan) Jin-Guang Teng(China)
Tien Lan(China) Yeong-Bin Yang(China)
Carlos Lazaro(Spain) Yigang Zhang(China)
Rene Motro(France) Xuhong Zhou(China)



Su-Duo Xue(China),Chair

Sigrid Adriaenssens(USA) Reinhard Harte(Germany) Juan Gerardo Oliva Salinas(Mexico)
Pilar Alaejos Gutiérrez(Spain) Minjuan He(China) John Orr(UK)
Olivier Baverel(France) Jianhui Hu( China) Ruy Marcelo De Oliveira Pauletti(Brazil)
S. Alireza Behnejad(UK) Hongzhi Hu(China) Sergio Pellegrino(USA)
Kai-Uwe Bletzinger(Germany) Dada Huang(China) Olga Popovic Larsen(Denmark)
Philippe Block(Switzerland) Tian-Jian Ji(UK) Arno Pronk(Netherlands)
Annette Boegle(Germany) Ken'Ichi Kawaguchi(Japan) Alberto Pugnale(Australia)
Andrew Borgart(Netherlands) Seungdeog Kim(Canada) Hongliang Qian(China)
Jianguo Cai(China) Jae-Yeol Kim(Korea) Jie Qin(China)
Wujin Chen(China) Sudarshan Krishnan(USA) Edmond Saliklis(USA)
Yao Chen(China) Carlos Lazaro(Spain) Guojun Sun(China)
Zhihua Chen(China) Dong-Woo Lee(Korea) Tomohiro Tachi(Japan)
Kok Keong Choong(Malaysia) Seung-Jae Lee(Korea) Toru Takeuchi(Japan)
Jeroen Coenders(Netherlands) Xiongyan Li(China) Romuald Tarczewski(Poland)
Jiachun Cui(China) Yaming Li(China) Petr Vegh(Canada)
Pierluigi D’Acunto(Switzerland) Zhongli Li(China) Yuanqing Wang(China)
Niels De Temmerman(Belgium) Haiwang Li(China) Xiuli Wang(China)
Hua Deng(China) Julian Lienhard(Germany) Jinzhi Wu(China)
Jiemin Ding(China) Richard Jat Yuen Liew(Singapore) Yue Wu(China)
Alberto Domingo(Spain) Peter Lim(Australia) Minger Wu(China)
Andreas Falk(Sweden) Feng Liu(China) Xinan Xiang(China)
Feng Fan(China) Zhonghua Liu(China) Yi-Min Xie(Australia)
Ruoqiang Feng(China) Yaozhi Luo(China) Tetsuo Yamashita(Japan)
Yuan Feng(China) Bin Luo(China) Qingshan Yang(China)
Günther H. Filz(Austria) Xinglong Luo(China) Yaxiong Yao(China)
Corentin Fivet(Switzerland) Massimo Majowiecki (Italy) Qilin Zhang(China)
Charis Gantes(Greece) Marisela Mendoza(UK) Jingyao Zhang(Japan)
Jiling Gao(China) Marijke Mollaert(Belgium) Yang Zhao(China)
Christoph Gengnagel (Germany) Caitlin Mueller(USA) Jian Zhou(China)
Jinghai Gong(China) M Yussof Mustafasanie(Malaysia) Dai Zhou(China)
Lei Gu(China) Shoji Nakazawa(Japan) Guangen Zhou(China)
Qinghua Han(China) Mogens Nielsen(Denmark) Zhongyi Zhu(China)
Gengzan Han(China) Makoto Ohsaki(Japan)  



Engineers, architects, researchers and anyone interested in shell and spatial structures are invited to submit abstracts of 300-400 words in English and participate this Symposium.

Please log in the symposium website to download the abstracts template(



Hangai Prizes annually recognize talented young researchers, designers, and engineers under the age of thirty who working in the field of shell and spatial structures. This recognition is achieved by selecting outstanding submissions to the Annual IASS Symposium in the form of research papers, resumes of design projects, or presentations of innovative ideas. For more information, please check the Hangai Prize website (



Submission of abstracts:                              Jan. 31, 2022

Notification of preliminary acceptance:      Feb. 28, 2022

Submission of final papers:                         Apr. 30, 2022

Notification of final acceptance:                 May 31, 2022



Internationally recognized and celebrated artists, designers, engineers, and researchers in cooperation with top universities from all over the world are invited to participate in a contest and exhibition of innovative lightweight structures. The structures must display a strong vision of structural design and innovation. They should demonstrably be the result of structural engineering focused research projects. It is our ambition to have an exhibition that shows new insights on structural typologies, through the design of a pavilion. The pavilions will be exhibited during the IASS/APCS 2022 Symposium in Beijing. During the conference, the jury of the contest, will award a prize to the most innovative realized structure. For more information please see:



Social events will be organized for participants and accompanying persons including a welcome reception, a gala dinner, technical visits and other events. Beijing sightseeing tours will be arranged for accompanying persons. All meals including lunch and supper will be served in the Symposium.



Chair: Prof. Su-Duo Xue (Beijing University of Technology)
Assoc. Prof.  Jin-Zhi Wu (China Association for Spatial Structures)
Prof.  Feng Liu (China Academy of Building Research)
Prof.  Qing-Shan Yang (Chongqing University)
Prof.  Feng Fan (Harbin Institute Of Technology)
Prof.  Qing-Hua Han (Tianjin University)
Prof.  Qi-Lin Zhang (Tongji University)
Prof.  Yao-Zhi Luo (Zhejiang University)






Second Announcement of IASS/APCS 2022


Important Dates

Submission of abstracts:

31 March,2022

Notification of preliminary acceptance:

30 April,2022

Submission of final papers:

30 June,2022

Notification of final acceptance:

15 July,2022

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